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Aw, Betty made me sad! I'm sorry she's gone, but what grand dame, huh? 18 years? Impressive. I hope there's a big patch of catnip somewhere that she gets to roll around in for eternity.

I tried to start the Historian, but I'm not always so good with the long reading commitments sometimes- not that I can't pay attention, but everything I want to do in my life requires my eyes. I'm a big fan of the audio books.

P.S. Secret project? I'm ready to announce whenever you are!


Betty sounds like she was a wonderful cat - I'm sure she's been rewarded with a field full of butterflies to chase and catnip to eat! And I love your family's cat names. I've always thought Sophie would be a great pet name, but Betty and Brenda crack me up - I even knew a mother-daughter pair with those names back home!


Aw, Betty. Sad. My old dog was 19 when he died--you know they've had a good long life full of love, but still. Pets should live forever.

Also sad about Forecast, but if you're trading that karma for a family emergency that turns out ok...well, I'll take a too-big sweater any day.


What sweet things you wrote about out Betty-girl. I'll never forget the first time you saw her wash her face and were amazed over it!

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